Friday, February 6, 2009

New concept

One of my current goals, as I've mentioned in other places, is to create a more coherent body of work. I don't want to make a bunch of things that all look the same--I'm not into mass production. But I want the pieces I make to look like they came from the same artist, like they have a common aesthetic. This new idea I have is a way for me to bring together two aspects of my work that have until now felt very disconnected. It's about my experience of the clay--how I shape it and how it shapes my vision of the piece. It's also about the human element in pottery. The way the creator is embodied in the work, either overtly or subtly.

While I continue to labor over each piece as usual, I feel like I just can't make the pieces fast enough to satisfy my yearning to see how the idea materializes. But clay moves at its own pace, so gratification must be delayed.


  1. Nice clay pieces! I like the book the best, of course, silly librarian that I am. :-)

    Is this kind of like a writer trying to find a personal voice?

  2. I made the book for Randy's preservation class. Coolest term project ever!

    I think that's exactly what it's like. I never managed to find my voice as a writer though--that's probably why I switched to pots!